Welcome to Purely Holistics

A support group taking mothers from pre-pregnancy through motherhood through a purely holistic approach.

Pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, infancy, through motherhood.

Purely Holistics is an online support group supplying you with your all-in-one for everything you need to know about motherhood. In our group, you will gain access to an online community lead by our two founding nutritionists so you can connect with them or other mothers in all stages of life. As you enter you will find around 10 different conversations which were created to support you through your journey into motherhood. Our group will provide you with mentorship and guidance through these major transitions, the good and the bad. 

I'm Pregnant, Now what?

Does this mean I can't work out? How should my diet change? What essential oils are considered safe? What products are not toxic? 

Now that baby is here...  How do I prepare the house for my arrival? Does my baby have to be swaddled while sleeping? How do I introduce my dog to my baby? My baby is falling asleep at the breast, what can I do?

I am trying to raise my child with a healthier lifestyle, where do I start?

How do I get my kids to eat their vegetables without kicking and screaming? How to I encourage my kids to stay active? How do I influence healthier choices on my kids when I am not around?

Here are just some of the questions which start racing through our mind when we find out we are pregnant, come home from the hospital with a newborn, or just face in every day motherhood as our children age. Purely holistics provides you with a safe space to nourish both mothers and children. 

What We Offer

24/7 Support

Ditch the google search and have your questions answered by other moms who have been there and can speak from experience.    

Advice for you

Conversations exploring popular topics in pregnancy, motherhood, nutrition, breastfeeding, and more. We invite you to ask questions, communicate with peers who may be experiencing the same difficulties, share your experiences, and motivate each other. 


Use the group to network your own business or connect with people with similar interests as you. For example, share your . Doula contact for local moms. We are in this together, educating others in topics of pregnancy, motherhood, and childhood.